Labor Conference of 2018


In implementation of Directive No. 34 / CTLT-TCT-CDTC-CTCP dated 21 March, 2018 on the organization of the Employee Conference in 2018 and the Plan No. 05 / KH-PQIA dated March 26, The workers' conference in 2018 has been held recently. Phu Quoc International Airport has held the Employee Representative Conference in 2018 at the Port Office.


Employees of Phu Quoc International Airport attended the Employee Conference in 2018

Attending the meeting were the Port Authority, the representatives of the Executive Committee of the Port Labor Union together with 70 delegates representing 418 laborers of the Port. The meeting took place in a democratic atmosphere, openly and in accordance with the regulations of the State, the General Confederation of Labor of Vietnam and the General Corporation of Vietnam Airports Corporation expressed the will of the collective workers. , in accordance with the actual situation of the unit.

The meeting heard the representatives of the Board of Directors report on the operation, production and business of the Port. In the year 2017, besides the facilitation of unity, unanimous agreement of staffs - employees to overcome difficulties, fulfill the assigned tasks; The staff also has a lot of difficulties such as: not installing lighting system from the airport roundabout in front of the station to the toll station of Duong To, on the regional allowance ... The report has analyzed, detailed assessment of the achievements and failures of each department; Therefore, to set out the direction, tasks and specific targets in the coming time.


The Chairperson of the Conference

Also at the conference, the Executive Board of the Trade Union presented a report summarizing the implementation of the collective labor agreement in 2017. The average income of laborers increased compared with 2017; paying social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance for employees; purchase accident insurance for employees; labor safety, labor hygiene, fire and explosion prevention are strictly implemented ... Not only that, the port also organizes many activities such as: paying attention and timely visit to CB- Employees, disadvantaged workers, sick sickness, support construction of "trade union house" for union members ...