Phu Quoc International Airport organized the study, thorough dissemination, propaganda and implementation of the resolutions of the sixth plenum of th


 Implement Plan 887-KH / ĐU dated 05/12/2017 of the Party Committee of Vietnam Airports Corporation on Study Plan, thoroughly grasp and implement the Resolution of the Sixth Executive Board Central Party XII. Recently, the Phu Quoc International Airport Party Committee held a conference to study and thoroughly implement the Resolution of the Sixth Plenum of the Central Committee of the Party.


Mr. Nguyen Trung Thong - Rapporteur of the Phu Quoc Committee for Propaganda and Education deployed the sixth plenum of the sixth plenum

Attending the conference were Mr. Nguyen Dinh Truc - Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee - Deputy Director of Phu Quoc International Airport, Tran Manh Hong - Member of the Executive Committee of the Party Committee - Deputy Director of Phu Quoc International Airport, and the whole CB - Party members belonging to affiliates affiliated to Party Committee of Phu Quoc International Airport.


Officers and members of Phu Quoc International Airport participated in the study

The meeting heard Mr. Nguyen Trung Thong - Officer of the Political Rehabilitation Center, Speaker of Phu Quoc District Committee for Propaganda and Training introduced new points and important contents of the Resolution of the Sixth Plenum ( session XII), including 4 resolutions: Resolution No. 18-NQ / TW, 25/10/2017 on some issues of continuing to renovate, rearrange the apparatus of the political system Effectiveness and Effectiveness, Resolution No. 19-NQ / TW, dated 25/10/2017 on continuing to renovate the organizational and management system, improve the quality and efficiency of the operation of non-business units. Resolution No. 20-NQ / TW, dated 25/10/2017 on strengthening the protection, care and improvement of the people's health in the new situation, Resolution No. 21-NQ / TW, dated 25/10/2017 v population work in the new situation.


Conference scene

The organization of learning and comprehension of the Resolution of the sixth plenum (XIIth session) is very important. Therefore, in order to unite the will and action of the entire Party and the people; To raise the sense of officials and party members in observing the Party's lines, viewpoints and regulations and the State's legal policies. From there, to make practical contact, to creatively apply the objectives, viewpoints, undertakings, tasks and solutions mentioned in the Resolution to study, labor and work, contributing to successful implementation of objectives and tasks set by the resolutions

Speaking at the conclusion of the meeting, on behalf of the Party Committee, Deputy Secretary General appreciated the full participation of party members, and requested the Party affiliates to continue research and study. , thoroughly disseminate to each staff - employees, employees the contents of the resolutions as well as actions to implement the Resolution in a concrete manner to suit the practical conditions of the unit.