Phu Quoc International Airport: Training course for the militia and self-defense force


Phu Quoc International Airport recently cooperated with Phu Quoc Military Command to organize a 12.7 mm SMPK Self Defense Training Course for the Port Self Defense Force. Training contents shall comply with the Minister of Defense's Circular No. 02/2016 / TT-BQP of January 8,

At the training course, the trainees focused on studying and studying the basic contents of the law on the militia and self defense force, such as: weapons, manipulation, weapons and tactics. Mobilizing the masses, participating in the building of political foundations in the localities. Successful training, 100% soldiers of the self-defense platoon (20 soldiers) passed the test.

The Phu Quoc Int'l Self-Defense Militia Self-Defense Force is committed to raising the spirit of vigilance, sense of responsibility and coordinating well with the agencies in charge of the assigned tasks to ensure political security, order and safety in the area of ​​the port, meet the requirements of defense and security tasks, ready to fight in all situations.

Some photos of the preliminaries:

Opening ceremony of militia and self-defense force of Phu Quoc Airport