Phuquoc International Airport: celebrated the 72nd anniversary of the National Day (02/09 / 1945-02 / 09/2017) and celebrate the 72nd anniversary of


On the afternoon of 31/08/2017, the delegation of Phu Quoc International Airport has organized a youth football tournament to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the National Day on September 2, the traditional day of Transportation Sector 28/08, and the inauguration ceremony Phu quoc international airport. PHU QUOC INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT LEAGUE 2017 (PQIA League 2017) has been opened.

There will be eight teams participating in the tournament: Security Teams, Flight Serving Teams, Technical Teams, Technical Teams, and 4 Teams of Teams: Alliance of Construction Units, BIDV Bank Team , PQ Flight Management Team - Vaeco, Alliance Airlines - Port Authority. The draws are divided into two groups of points, the teams with the first and second place points each will enter the semi-finals, the two teams in the semi-finals will meet in the finals. Case by point count: number of goals / losses, record of the match, to determine the teams in the finals and ranking. The tournament is scheduled to end on 23/09/2017.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Dong - Director of Phu Quoc International Airport delivered the opening speech of the PQIA League 2017

Mr. Nguyen Minh Dong - Phu Quoc Airport Director awarded the flag to attend teams

The PQIA League 2017 tournament is a healthy playground for Youth Union members, contributing to enriching the spiritual and spiritual life of youth members. At the same time, it is also a chance for youth groups and youths in the district to exchange, learn and exchange experience in Youth Union and youth movement.

Some photos of the opening ceremony:

The match between ANHK and PVHK ended 4-4

2-2 score between Electrical Engineering Team and Alliance Airlines - Port Authority