Phu Quoc International Airport's expansion and expansion project


Phu Quoc International Airport was completed in phase 1 at the end of November 2012 and put into operation from 02 December 2012. Phu Quoc International Airport was built up to 4E Of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), the landing line of 3.000mx 75m, and the system of rollers and airfields with 08 landing positions with an area of ​​67,485m2; The passenger terminal has an area of ​​24,328 m2, serving a capacity of 2.65 million passengers per year.

In recent years, the output of passengers through Phu Quoc international airport has grown very fast, the average growth rate is over 40% per year. In 2016, the number of passengers passing through the port will reach 2.1 million passengers / year. In 2017, passenger volume through the port will increase by 25% to over 2.6 million passengers and exceed the designed capacity. According to the plan to meet the capacity of Phu Quoc International Airport by 2020 is 4 million passengers per year, by 2030 the port can receive 20 aircraft during peak hours, the cargo through the port is 27,600 Ton / year, capacity of 7 million passengers / year, receiving 3,500 passengers / hour. On that basis, the extension of the passenger terminal and the renovation and expansion of the jetties at Phu Quoc International Airport are necessary to meet the capacity of serving in the future. . Therefore, the Vietnam National Airports Corporation has decided to invest in phase 2 of expanding Phu Quoc International Airport from 2016 and completed in 2017.

To comply with the Decision No. 293 / QD-HDTV dated June 24, 2015 of the Chairman of the Board of Members of Vietnam Airports Corporation approving the investment project on construction of " Phu Quoc International Airport "and Decision No. 26 / QD-HDTV dated January 15, 2016 of the Chairman of the Board of Members of Vietnam Airlines Corporation approving the first project Construction of "Passenger Terminal - Phu Quoc International Airport".

On March 21, 2016, the Vietnam Airports Corporation started the construction of the "Road Roller System and Expanding Aircraft Parking System" at Phu Quoc International Airport under Package 6 with a total investment of VND1,002,323,043,000. After enlargement, the apron area from 67,485m2 was raised to 118,426m2, meeting 14 landing positions including 05 parking positions for E class aircraft and 09 parking spots for C class aircraft. Complete parallel roller with a total length of 3,000m, construction of new roller tracks S4, S6, A1. The project has completed the first phase and put into operation on March 13, 2017 including the items: aircraft parking area of ​​50.941m2, parallel roller length of 3,000m, rapid drainage S4 235m, the connection roller S6 170m long and the connecting line C1 long 246m. The project to build a roller-skidding system and expand the aircraft yard is scheduled for completion in July 2017.

The passenger terminal expansion project - Phu Quoc International Airport was commenced on September 15, 2016 in package # 4 with a total investment of VND1,001,725,000,000 and is expected to be completed on Oct, 2017. After completion, the passenger terminal area is raised from 24.325m2 to 36.167m2 and the installation of 04 cage tubes; 12 Gate includes 08 National Gate and 04 International Gate; The conveyor belt has been upgraded to 04 conveyors, including 03 domestic conveyors and 01 international conveyor belt; The conveyor belt has been upgraded to 04 conveyors including 02 domestic conveyors and 02 international conveyors; Capacity of passenger service from 2.65 million passengers / year is raised to 4 million passengers / year.

The volume of passengers and cargo through Phu Quoc International Airport in the first four months of 2017 is as follows:

+   Passenger output was 385,962 arrivals, rising 31.17% over the same period in 2016, of which 24,652 were international passengers;

+   Passenger arrivals were 347,028 arrivals, up 21.97% over the same period of 2016, of which 20,693 international arrivals;

+   Goods and parcels output reached 635,800 kg, up 35.26% over the same period in 2016;

+   Goods and parcels reached 593,978 kg, up 43.69% over the same period in 2016.

+   Number of trips / trips reached 5,378 times / trip increased 19.51% over the same period in 2016, including 386 times / international landing;