Phu Quoc international airport bustling Christmas atmosphere


General Air Christmas atmosphere, welcome the new year 2017 is filled everywhere, from the streets, alleys ... everywhere is brightly decorated.

As an appreciation for customers and to improve service quality, fun to create comfort for passengers through Port, Phu Quoc international airport has implemented a lot of exciting activities, from outside the station until the front passenger aviation procedures, stalls, shops ... where was decorated like Christmas tree decorations shimmering colors, decorate the stalls, departure lounge, the passenger terminal and gifts for children ...

Front Arrivals

Some pictures :

Decorated fir inside domestic departure terminal

The stalls are colorful decorations

On the threshold of Christmas and New Year 2017, Phu Quoc international airport passengers wish the itinerary godspeed, wishes peace, happiness and prosperity. Besides, the port also thanked all the passengers, airlines, partners and close coordination with the Port to jointly build a growing port and contribute to the socio-economic development of the local.