Phu Quoc international airport: Waiter returns nearly 40 million passengers ignored


 At 09 hours and 20 minutes on 13/07/2016, while on duty stroller luggage in public areas lobby international airport passenger terminal Phu Quoc, he Quach Cam Phat - luggage service staff - goods discovered a passenger's wallet left on the trolley. Soon, he Phat staff reports Aviation Security Department to implement the procedures related to handling baggage not be identified.

Through visual inspection, Aviation Security Division discovered in leather wallet with 37.8 million in cash, one passport, one card factoring. Security forces were quick to contact the owner of the said luggage to pick up again.

The owner of the property is Ms. Ngo Ngoc Bloom went on the flight VN1812 from Ho Chi Minh City to Phu Quoc. Get valuable assets, passengers very touched and thanked the honesty, enthusiasm to help passengers of Guo Jin Development staff.

These years, Phu Quoc international airport has been actively deploying learning and to follow the example, Ho Chi Minh morality, launched and organized the movement, such as: "4 please, 4 always", "good people and good deeds "... and has achieved good results, many examples of" good people, good deeds "for the action, nice gesture to please passengers.

Anh Quach Cam Phat and many employees are working at the Phu Quoc international airport is one of the examples of "good people, good deeds" deserves to be praised, praised honesty, contributing to building the Phu Quoc international airport more civilized, polite, with the motto "please arrivals, please walk".

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