Oriented development


Capacity through the period 2012-2020:

Expected from 510,000 passengers to 2,650,000 passengers / year.

 Passenger carriage

Stage 2020

Orientation 2030

Passenger /year






1. The routes are planned:

The international routes will mainly focus on the tourist route connects to Singapore, Hongkong, Thailand, Malaysia cater to the needs of tourists rotated packages to Phu Quoc as one new destination in a full program package tour companies have large and stable customer source. Some routes linking Phu Quoc to the landlocked countries or have a long winter, there is a high turnover of passengers with the need to avoid crowded, resorts, medical treatment, nursing from Europe such as Russia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe from North Asia such as Japan, Korea, Taiwan also feasible with this kind of charter flight, or fly direct to Phu Quoc.

2. Air service:

Services take off aircraft; support services ensure flight operations; Services aviation security screening; passenger services at airports; aircraft parking services field; leasing passenger counters; Rental baggage carousel; goods and services; rental of office premises represent airlines in the station area; ground handling for airlines.

3. Non-Aeronautical Services:

Non-aviation services in Phu Quoc International Airport is considered an important source of revenue, the expected proportion of 40-50% of total revenue. Including rentals: desk, business premises; ad placements; business parking; sell; Sales Agent; CIP serves ... and the revenues from non-aviation services other: field road user charges for cars (on - the airport and the car passing local roads); Free bean beans back yard; the parking fee on two wheels (motorcycle and bicycle); renting space taxi parking; advertising on cars parked pitch (in any form)