The passenger terminal


The passenger terminal is designed to exploit domestic passenger services and international and is designed to model elevation station 02 travel separately. Mining operations of the terminal connections between traffic from public sector front of the station and lobby area to the airline lounge, creating a flow of passengers in high-dimensional.

With the aim of creating a clear coherent chain to maximize comfort and convenience for passengers, two functional areas of the terminal are arranged separately and at the sides of the ground station. International terminal is arranged in the eastern half and western half remaining domestic terminal layout.

- Total floor area used: 24 325 m2.


1. Ground floor:

The ground floor is arranged passenger services to international and domestic. After the shelf to be the path to the big hall, between platforms to arrange the stairs serving passenger and pickup up in floor lounge area go 1 station with continuous shelf to the inner hall with zones greenery garden area feels soft and comfortable for passengers on arrival at the station. Inside the main hall, the international terminal to be located in the east and the domestic terminal to be located in the west.

Area classification baggage handling international and domestic travel is arranged between the ground floor exposed station yard convenient helipad for transporting luggage to the aircraft, in addition to the technical layout of the room and the active service area of ​​the station.

The functional area serving passengers to be arranged to ensure the rational exploitation requirements, security and safety: queuing area for guest check entry procedures arranged immediately after the passenger door to After the area is the baggage carousel area. Here, while waiting baggage passengers can shop at the service desk before checking out the area of ​​customs procedures. Lost luggage area is also conveniently arranged immediately after the baggage carousel to let passengers can contact when necessary. After customs inspection area, passengers will be able to meet family members and use the services in areas such as the lobby to change money, meals, hotel services, transportation, information needs to know ... before leave the airport.

The ground stations are located in the same country as the international terminal, no test area entry procedures and customs procedures to.

In the first phase extraction, waiting area international baggage claim carousel layout 01 domestic and 02 arrange the baggage carousel. Phu Quoc Airport will be equipped with 01 baggage carousels international passenger traffic through increased, reaching new equipment requirements.

2. 1st Floor:

Located high common with the way the platform floor and go, similar to the ground floor, first floor layout serves international passengers and domestic travel. After going shelves are large entrance hall, the international terminal are located in eastern and domestic gas to be located in the west.

Regions Airline counters are located directly behind the lounge area right away, the door security check airline passengers' convenience while making procedures. Checked baggage will follow the conveyor system to handle luggage area go on the ground floor before making airplanes.

Regions arrivals hall layout soon procedure (through the police gate area for international arrivals), spacious, panoramic view. Arrange alternating in this area are system services such as passenger service includes fast food, beverage, duty free shop (for international guests) and souvenirs ...

Through the screening area, check baggage, the passenger will enter the lobby area before boarding the waiting room down by the escalator and stairs. Passenger waiting room for a spacious layout, wide views of the courtyard parking and panoramic plane flight airports. Room service business visitors are arranged at both ends of the station where the visibility and convenience to transport the plane, creating comfort and convenience to guests CIP.

In phase 1 (design 2020 with a capacity of 2.65 million passengers / year) 8 aircraft parking positions will be put into operation, including 1 position for large aircraft B777 or equivalent , 4 parking positions for size A321 aircraft / 320, 4 parking location for small aircraft are not equipped with ATR72 and telescopic.

Scale main passenger train station:

- The passenger terminal has 02 elevation, travel separately, the passenger terminal at the ground floor, 1st floor departure terminal at the international terminal are located in the eastern half, the domestic terminal is arranged in the half West;

- Total floor area is 11.150m2 1st floor; total floor area is 13.026m2 ground floor;

- International Station area: 5433 m2 type, to 6097 m2;

- Inland Station area: 4716 m2 away, to 4,625 m2;

- There are 36 check-in counters for passengers checkin (18 international, 18 domestic)

- The first phase layout 10 security screening machine (06 international, 04 domestic)

- There are 03 baggage carousel (01 international and 02 domestic).