Developing progress


Phu Quoc Airport was built in colonial times, mainly transport aircraft with a capacity of 32 seats DC3, then be exploited further during the US imperialists invaded the South of VietNam.

Airfields undergoing upgrades in 1983 from 996m to 1496m, can meet the larger sized aircraft. The station and some service works built in 1994-1995.

2003 also has a project investment of VND 1,200 billion upgrade of Phu Quoc airport, including extending the runway to 3,000 meters, construction of airport landing field, installation of signaling information to increase the capacity of the yard This fly from more than 100,000 to 1-2 million passengers / year. After the upgrade, the airport can handle mid-size aircraft. Originally planned if approved will start the project in 2004. However, this project was not carried out but is replaced with airport construction projects with total investment capital of 16,200 billion VND longer term.