Geographical Location


Phu Quoc International Airport is located in the south of Phu Quoc Island, distance to Duong Dong town about 10km to the north. Suoi May Village North borders, borders the southern airport of Duong To village, to the east the Ham Ninh Commune, west to the coast (about 900m).

Airport reference point is the intersection of runway 10/28 heart axis and roll axis pathfinder aircraft parked on the field, with geographic coordinates: 10º11'11''N - 103º59'35 "E (The coordinates WGS-84), 4m high.

- Time Zone: GMT +07

- Deviation from area airports: 0º

- High Level airport: 11.4m (compared to the average sea level - MSL).

- High level of early runway 10: 3m (MSL)

- High level of early runway 28: 11.4m (MSL)

- High level of runway 28 first shift: 7,4m (MSL)

- Places under the symbol 4 letters of the ICAO and IATA: VVPQ and PQC