English name: Phu Quoc International Airport (PQIA).

Address: Duong To commune, Phu Quoc district,  Kien Giang province.

Phone: +84773 3848077. Fax: +84773 3846693


Airport code (code): PQC.

Terminal passengers (Passenger Terminal): 24 325 m2.

Aircraft Apron : 33,400 m2 with 8 positions for aircraft parking.

Runway : Length: 3,000 meters, 45 meters wide, curb: 2x15m.

Now serving: 12 / 24h and on request.

Phu Quoc - Vietnam's largest island, along with 22 small islands around Phu Quoc island district formed, under the Kien Giang province, about 593 km2 area, Phu Quoc is located in the Gulf of Thailand, 120 km from the city of Rach Gia , 45km from Ha Tien Town, Phu Quoc is an island with an area and the largest population in 12 districts of the island country, the equivalent area of ​​Singapore, has the potential and advantages of developing very diverse.

Phu Quoc International Airport is the gateway of the international economy of Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang province and the border area south of Sea Island. Therefore Phu Quoc International Airport in close relationships, mutual economic development - social security - defense of Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang province, said the southern coast, Delta Mekong. The Prime Minister has approved the construction of Phu Quoc with the goal of becoming a center of tourism, high-quality service, and is the center for trade with the areas of domestic, regional and international. To achieve that goal, Phu Quoc to build and develop transport infrastructure in sync, first international airport.